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Bronchofin - Shopivet.com


162.75 د.إ.
Broncovin price and specifications  Bronchovin is a group of oils that act as a bronchodilator. Broncovin is used to maintain the respiratory system of poultry and protect it from infection....
GLYCOGAINE 1liter - Shopivet.com


42.00 د.إ.
Glycogen price and specifications Glycogen is used to treat and prevent ketosis. Glycogen is also used to treat eclampsia in sheep.  Glycogen is useful for balancing the increased energy required...
Hepatovit - Shopivet.com


115.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Hepatovate  Hepatovate is used to enhance liver performance, protect it, and increase its vitality. Hepatovate is also used to prevent fatty liver bleeding. Hepatophyte also supports...
RUMISCON 320gm - Shopivet.com


42.00 د.إ.
Romexon price and specifications  Romixon is used to treat excess acidity, indigestion, and bloating. Romixon is also used to treat constipation and maintain rumen acidity and beneficial bacteria. Dosage and...