Anthrax in camels

الجمرة الخبيثة في الإبل -
Camels are infected with a disease known as anthrax, which is an acute infectious disease characterized by severe fever that appears suddenly in an animal or a number of animals without the appearance of any previous signs or symptoms of disease, and often a healthy camel is seen dead or in a state of death
Symptoms in camels that escape death are swellings under the skin and severe inflammation in the larynx with dark colored urine with fever and cramps with the appearance of an unpleasant odor before death. Some cases are also characterized by bloody diarrhea and anal prolapse. the natural body such as the nostrils and anus, 
This bacteria pollutes the land when it is thrown by the infected animal and remains for several years in the form of vesicles. Infection occurs upon contact with this bacterium or its vesicles, whether by ingestion with food, through wounds, or transmission by insects such as flies and blue flies. 
It is rare to treat cases of anthrax due to the fact that the course of the disease and its duration is short and fatal, and some cases may be treated with the use of penicillin or tetracycline in a preventive or therapeutic manner at the beginning of the appearance of disease symptoms in the camel herd, and among the necessary steps in preventing infection with camel diseases is the interest in vaccination against these diseases

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