Taking care of horses in cold weather

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Many different methods can be used to care for horses in cold weather, including:
Ensure that sufficient drinking quantities are provided for the horse in cold weather

quantity increase Food which is offered to horses in cold weather; This is to secure the horse's body with the necessary calories to warm its body and promote its growth

Monitor the horse's weight during the winter period, and provide a larger amount of Food If you notice a decrease in weight

Protecting the horse barn from the winds and storms that it may be exposed to in the winter season, as the horse can withstand low temperatures, and this endurance varies; According to the varying amount of hair covering their bodies

Covering the bodies of horses with blankets designated for them, in the absence of a horse barn, and it should be noted that placing blankets on horses should be avoided if their body is wet, or if the blanket is wet.

Continuing to exercise horses during the winter period, taking care to avoid exercising in snow or on ice

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