Method of breeding Falcon and their types

طريقة تربية الصقور وانواعها -

The falcon is classified as a bird of prey Falcon It is distinguished from other birds of prey by the blackness of its eyes, and its speed, which exceeds 300 kilometers per hour when it pounces on prey. It is also distinguished by its visual acuity, which exceeds 4 to 8 times the human vision.

and divided Falcon into dozens of factions; According to their sizes, weights, colors of feathers, speed, and ability to fly, there are several species Falcon different geographic and climatic regions, from extremely hot deserts to extremely cold snowy regions

Types of falcons

Months ago Falcon the hunt The free one, the peregrine falcon, and the hawk  of different types

 hits types Falcon  About 300 species, varying in size, weight and characteristics

The South African giant falcon has a wingspan of about three meters and weighs more than ten kilograms
While the wingspan of the (marlin) does not exceed about thirty centimeters, and its weight does not exceed two hundred grams.

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