How to take care of young Pigeons and feed them

كيفية الاعتناء بصغار الحمام و تغذيتهم -

How to take care of the young Pigeons and feed them

There are many methods that are used to feed geckos Pigeons Among them is that it is done by using a needle, where the front part of the needle is cut off and used, knowing that the size of the needle varies according to the age of the pigeon.

The needle is filled with the food mixture that will be presented to the pigeons, taking great care not to leak air into the food mixture that will be presented, and it is preferable that the mixture include grains when the age of Zaghloul reaches 14 days

After that, the needle that was cut is opened, using a piece of clean cloth, and then it is fixed by placing a rubber rope around the opening, then a hole is made sufficient to insert the beak of Zaghloul inside it, and the beak of Zaghloul is placed inside the hole of the cloth, taking into account that it must be warmed The mixture prepared by placing the syringe containing the mixture under warm water

In this case, as soon as Zaghloul puts his beak inside the hole, he will begin to devour the mixture, then the mixture is pushed gently from the end of the needle in order to compensate for the amount that Zaghloul eats, and care must be taken not to forcefully push the contents into Zaghloul’s mouth because the large quantities of food that enter his crop may lead to suffocation.

After that, it is confirmed that the giblets of Zaghloul are full, and then it is confirmed that the mixture that the bird swallowed is soft. Food Finely, water is added to it continuously until digestion is complete

After Zaghloul finished eating Food The trace of Zaghloul eating the mixture is cleaned, as its feathers will get dirty, so the breeder must clean the feathers, sterilize and wash the Zaghloul feeding equipment every time

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