Rabies in camels

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Camels are infected with rabies or rabies, which is a viral disease that is transmitted mainly through biting, and it is of low incidence and camels are only infected after they have been bitten by a rabid dog or by contaminating their wounds with the saliva or blood of dogs

The saliva and tears that flow from a frenzied camel carry the virus, and these fluids are a source of high risk of infection and disease transmission. A camel can become infected when it meets stray dogs with rabies or rabid predators such as hyenas, and it can also become infected through its bite.

Among the symptoms of rabies in camels are biting, itching, laziness, lethargy, excessive head movement for 1-3 days, tremor, yawning, stopping feeding and drinking water for 1-2 days, and lying sideways for two days. This disease can also cause death. within 7-10 days

There is no treatment for rabies yet, so the infected camel must be killed immediately without exposing humans to any danger, but it can be prevented by repeatedly vaccinating animals against rabies continuously, and the rest of the camels must be given the vaccine in the event that one of the camels is infected to protect them from it

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