The duration of pregnancy in animals

مدة الحمل عند الحيوانات -


The duration of pregnancy in different Persian animals is 11.5 months

The ass is 12 months old

The cow is 9.5 or 9 months and 10 days The camel is 12-13 months old

** Sheep and goats 5-6 months

The sow is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old

The lioness is 3.5 months old

bitch 62 days

The cat is 2 months old

Hare 30 days

The female giraffe is 15 months old

Pisces female 465 days

Female elephant 19-22 months

Female fox 7 weeks

A female wolf is like a bitch

Female seal 240 days

Hen 21 days (incubation)

Goose and duck 30-35 days

Dove 17 - 19 days

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