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Stomach ulcers are called lesions that affect the mucous membranes of the stomach of many horses. It has become clear that stomach ulcers vary in shape, size, and number from one horse to another. These lesions can also be small and superficial, with some redness appearing, an increase in the thickness of the stomach mucosa, or They may be severe, multiple, or large.

Researchers have proven that stomach ulcers are widespread among about 50%-90% of horses, and occur at any age, but they are more common in racing horses, or those who engage in sporting activities for that purpose. to choose Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses Essential to reduce and prevent this phenomenon.

Causes of stomach ulcers in horses

Although horses' stomachs are relatively small compared to other species, they are among the animals most susceptible to stomach ulcers. There are several reasons that may contribute to increasing the risk of stomach ulcers in horses, and the most famous of these reasons that researchers enumerated are the following:


Researchers have proven that horses that engage in sporting activities such as racing, showing, or endurance have increased stomach acid production, and blood flow to the digestive system is reduced.

Moreover; When horses exercise, acidic fluid circulates in the upper part of the stomach, which is known as the most vulnerable part of the stomach. This increases its pH, and it is preferable for them to eat Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses Preventive treatment.


Horses' stomachs were designed to not be able to handle large quantities of food, but they are suitable for grazing and eating small, frequent amounts of feed throughout the day. Grazing horses produce constant amounts of acid 24 hours a day, and this is good and beneficial for the health of the stomach and its mucous membranes.

Also, eating diets that contain grains leads to the production of a large amount of fatty acids that may be harmful to the stomach and make it susceptible to ulcers.

Environmental stressors

Horses are exposed to the physical and environmental stressors of life, confinement, and transportation. All of this makes them more vulnerable to risk factors, and they need to receive Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses To prevent it from happening.


Using and taking many Medicines continuously over long periods, such as: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as: phenylbutazone, flunixin meglumine or ketoprofen, leads to reducing the production of the mucous layer that protects the stomach, which makes it more susceptible to developing ulcers.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers in horses

Horses with stomach ulcers may show ambiguous tags , such as: discomfort or a change in behavior, and this disease can be mixed with other diseases, but if one of these signs appears on horses, this requires... Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses These signs include:

  • Poor appetite

  • Foals suddenly stop mid-feeding, or the horses do not eat as eagerly as usual.

  • tags colic

  • tags of colic include: tossing or turning on the back, diarrhea, teeth grinding, and drooling from the mouth. The appearance of these signs on one or more horses may indicate a stomach ulcer, and you must immediately consult a veterinarian to diagnose the animals and respond to treatment. Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses.

  • Lack of performance

  • Unwillingness to perform usual activities including; Resistance to riding equipment and reluctance to train.

    • Weight loss 

    As a result of poor appetite and lack of food intake, the horse’s weight decreases, its body condition becomes poor, its size decreases, its hair coat changes to shaggy, and dullness appears on the horses.

    Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses

    To ensure that the horse will be treated accurately or that you are working to prevent your horse from being exposed to the risk of stomach ulcers on you; You should work on following some modifications in the feeding system by reducing the amount of high-grain feed and replacing it with hay or high-quality hay, and then making some changes in management such as: letting the animal out for natural grazing, as it reduces the level of stomach acid, and natural grazing also reduces Animal stress in general, all of this must be followed along with selection Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses Which consists of several medications, including the following:


    Gastrogard paste for horses contains omeprazole, which works to inhibit the secretion of stomach acid, allowing the ulcers time to heal. Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses, It is also FDA-approved for the treatment and prevention of recurrent stomach ulcers in horses, and Gastrogard Oral Paste is also available for oral use in horses and foals 4 weeks of age and older.


    Gastroparesis is not only a source of energy, but it also works to protect and coat the stomach against highly acidic secretions that have a harmful effect on the stomach wall. It is also a useful product and medicine in the process of preparing a horse for racing. Some owners of race horses also consider it as... Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses It is appropriate for them to race.


    Gastrozole is a juice specifically designed for horses. This juice is used in the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers that affect horses. Studies have also shown that it is also suitable for ponies. When you notice that the horse does not want to Food and that its weight is decreasing at a rapid rate, you should suspect the presence of Intestinal ulcers prevent him from Food . It is preferable that Gastrozole juice be stored at room temperature.

    Gastro Cure

    Gastro Cure is a nutritional supplement for horses that supports digestive functions and is a medicine that maintains the stomach wall in physiological conditions. It is also Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses It is effective for horses that suffer from hyperacidity. This product is characterized by protecting stomach mucus from the negative effects of horse stress and various stress situations.


    Omprotec is a proton pump antagonist so; It is useful and effective in treating and preventing peptic ulcer diseases in dogs and also in horses. It also has a strong effect in the case of dogs suffering from inflammation of the esophagus and duodenum, and also in the case of gastric hypersecretion resulting from a tumor, which is known as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. It also contributes to Treatment of uremic syndrome (erosion of the stomach wall).


    Stomach ulcers in horses are a very common occurrence among about 50%-90% of horses. Stomach ulcers are defined as lesions that affect the mucous membrane of the stomach wall, and these lesions vary in severity, number, and shape from one case to another.

    The appearance of one of these signs on one or more horses requires immediate diagnosis, and these signs include the following: dullness, lack of performance, poor appetite, lack of weight, and signs of colic such as diarrhea, teeth grinding, and horses rolling on the ground.

    Also Best stomach ulcer treatment for horses It consists of: Omeprotic، Gastro Cure، Gastrozole، Gastrores، Jastrojard.


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