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Fever is an increase in the body temperature above the normal rate, and the body's functions cannot function properly except under a certain temperature, and the temperature varies from one animal to another.

The temperature is regulated in the hypothalamus in the brain, and this region works to maintain the temperature as close to normal as possible. However, if any abnormality in the animal’s temperature occurs due to any reason, it requires consulting a veterinarian and bringing a veterinarian The best antipyretic injection solution for animals.

Normal animal temperature

Remember that high temperature is one of tags of ill health. When the animal’s temperature rises, it may develop a fever and must receive treatment The best antipyretic injection solution for animals.

So; Knowing and taking the normal temperature of animals into consideration is important and necessary, as it leads to early detection of animals suffering from high temperature.

So; Here is a table showing the ideal temperatures for the most important animals:


Celsius temperature

Temperature in Fahrenheit

The foal during the first few days

Up to 39.3

Up to 102.7

A dowry until the fourth year

37.5 - 38.5

Adult horse

37.5 - 38.5

99.5 -101.3

Young cattle up to 1 year

38.5 - 40.0


Cattle more than 1 year

37.5 - 39.5

99.5 - 101.5

The Camels

35.5 - 38.6


Sheep over 1 year old

38.5 - 40.0



38.5 - 39.5

101.3 - 103.1


37.5 - 39.0

99.5 -102.2

the cats

38.0 - 39.5


-Among all animals, camels are known to be animals with a strange nature, as their temperatures vary greatly. According to available water and time of day.

For example: When a camel drinks water daily, its body temperature rises from 36.5 degrees Celsius to 39.5 degrees Celsius at noon, while if the camel does not receive water, the temperature ranges between 34.5-41 degrees Celsius.

Causes of high temperature in animals 

A must have for breeders and animal owners The best antipyretic injection solution for animals For emergency circumstances, because the reasons that lead to an increase in temperature are many and varied, but common among these reasons are the following:

  • Dental problems

  • Abscesses, tooth decay, gingivitis, infections in general, and other dental problems are one of the most important causes of high animal body temperature.

  • Ingestion of toxins

  • Animal ingestion of poisonous plants while grazing or human chemicals or Medicines that are not suitable for them exposes the animals to high temperature and must quickly be injected. The best antipyretic injection solution for animals.

  • Biological injuries

  • An animal being exposed to a bacterial, viral, or even fungal infection leads to fever as a natural reaction for the body to overcome these infections.

  • Fever of unknown origin

  • In some cases, the cause of fever cannot be easily determined, because it may be caused by an underlying immune disorder, cancer, or bone marrow problems. 

    Treating fever with the best antipyretic injection solution for animals

    Treating high temperature quickly and in a scientifically correct way reduces the occurrence of complications that may be severe in animals. Injection solutions are also the most effective and responsive, and are:


    Diclovit is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, used to treat arthritis, bone, tendon, muscle, and nerve inflammation.


    Deflam works to relieve post-operative pain. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and is also effective in treating high body temperature. It is easy to use by intramuscular injection.

    Fibrina terneros

    If the animal is difficult to handle while injecting it, this medicine is given orally after dissolving it in water, and it is considered an antipyretic, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory.


    Flostac is The best antipyretic injection solution for animals, It is a solution containing dipyrone 500 mg, and is used as an antipyretic in cases of fever and infection, and an analgesic and anti-inflammatory in animals.


    Flunivit, an intravenous injection, is a pain reliever and antipyretic. It also contributes to the treatment of respiratory problems, musculoskeletal disorders and colic, and is used to control inflammation associated with infectious diseases.


    It is considered a nutritional supplement, but it is also used in cases of fever, inflammation and pain. It can also be used in cattle, sheep, camels, cats and dogs, and is given orally.


    Ketosol has an effect in treating more than one problem. For example, it is used in treating colic in horses, fever and infections in the bones, mastitis in cattle, and also in respiratory infections.

    Injectio peralgini

    An injection solution for horses, cows and dogs The best antipyretic injection solution for animals, It has analgesic, antispasmodic and antipyretic effects, and is also effective in cases of foreign body obstruction of the esophagus.

    Ketovit Plus

    It is a solution used by intramuscular, intravenous, or subcutaneous injection. It works to lower body temperature and treat infections of the digestive, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems.


    Labiprofen is an analgesic and antipyretic ketoprofen solution that is effective in cattle and horses. It is used to relieve fatal equine colic and acute mastitis in cattle.


    Meganil is an intravenous injection, and is also an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and antipyretic, and its dose in cows is 2.2 ml per 1 kg of animal body weight.


    Noralgin The best antipyretic injection solution for animals, It is also used in cases of urinary retention, treating alveolar spasm and shortness of breath, and also treating fever resulting from influenza.


    Although NovaCid is primarily used for preoperative pain, acute injuries, and colic. However, it also works as an analgesic and antipyretic, and Novacid is used for intramuscular or intravenous injection.


    It is an analgesic, antipyretic, and circulatory stimulant. Although Novacox protects the liver, it is not used in animals with renal failure.


    Novasul solution is commonly used in horses The best antipyretic injection solution for animalsIt is also used to treat cramps in horses and ponies.


    It has been proven that body functions can only function properly under a certain temperature, and the temperature varies from one animal to another.

    Fever or high temperature occurs for several reasons, the most important of which are: ingestion of toxins, the presence of infections, or as a result of an underlying immune disorder, cancer, bone marrow problems, or as a result of the animal being infected with a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection.

    To solve this problem, a choice is required The best antipyretic injection solution for animals like:

    Diclovit، Deflam، Fibrina terneros، Flostac، Flunifit، Bankruptcy، Injectio peralgini، ketosol، Ketovit Plus، Labiprofen، Meganil، Noralgin، neofasid، Novacoc، Novasul.


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