Precautions to be available at nightfall

الاحتياطات الواجب توافرها عند سقاية الابل -

Water must be provided continuously in front of the camels that feed on dry fodder materials, as well as in front of the milking camels. Camels from stagnant water, such as the water of ponds and swamps, because this leads to serious and fatal diseases such as diphtheria, which leads to the death of animals.

Taking into account the cleanliness of drinking water and the basins from which camels drink, and the water must be renewed continuously, and it must be free from algae, fungi and leftovers of decomposed food.

 Care must be taken not to water the camels immediately after eating the fodder, as this leads to pushing the food mass from the stomach to the intestines before the completion of the digestion process, and mitigating the impact of the digestive juices and enzymes secreted from the digestive system, which leads to a lack of benefit from the eaten fodder, and the occurrence of severe digestive disorders.

 When watering camels after they have been exposed to severe thirst, care should be taken not to give them a large amount of water at once, but to give them small quantities and on successive times before feeding the feed.

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