How to take care of horse hooves

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The basic principles of caring for horse hooves are:

Cleaning the hooves daily using hoof pliers, by gently and carefully cleaning the hoof plate and the adjacent areas, the eagle's incision, in order to remove dust and suspended materials such as gravel, sand, and other horse waste that can stick to the hoof from the bottom. Then the surface of the hoof is cleaned using the hoof brush. Also, the hoof cleaning process must

Also, do it before and after horse training to avoid hoof injuries

 Horse hooves are inspected daily to notice any hoof cracks or injuries

Hoof oil is applied regularly twice a week during the summer in order to strengthen the hoof and nourish the corneal wall of the hoof. Naturally, horses that suffer from any hoof problems must trim their hooves or shoe them with horse shoes.

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